Annie James vs Einstein



In science community it is positive to say I’m going to improve relativity rather than saying I’m going to disprove relativity, Okay.
But suppose when we were busy to improve relativity we find ourselves disproving it, what can we do then?.
Everybody that wants to improve or disprove relativity jumps right away to complicated formulas, and makes it worse, but we never speak about the basis itself?
Here I’m not trying to prove or disprove the relativity, I only wonder about one fundamental basic of our basics in physics,

Second Postulate of relativity tells us this,

“Speed of light is the same in all reference frames regardless of the motion or the direction of the source.”
Using funny stuff is the best way to transfer your idea to someone without boring hem and opens his mind to get it easier this is why I well,,

In a funny way I’m going to look why we can really say the following,

“It is impossible that the speed of light has to be the same in all reference frames.”

Someday stood Lindsay Lohan As Annie James as Hallie Parker talking to her father Nick Parker , (Dennis Quaid) to say,



Lindsay Lohan talking to Dennis Quaid in,,,



The Parent Trap 1998
Dad, I’m almost 12, how long do you expect me to buy that story that the stork dropped me on your doorstep?
But the question is, Did little Annie knew that with her simple question that she reveals one important basic of physics?
How?You know, it is cause and effect? The stork caused something somewhere at a certain time at a certain place, the effect happened in that place and at that moment, then the Stork flies away, the effect stayed in its effected place and this is in our case (Hallie Parker), was this easy?
According to Nick Parker Hallie was dropped by a stork on his doorstep, let us mark this doorstep as point X with fixed coordinates on this earth and this is true, since every point has its own fixed coordinates so the doorstep has also its own coordinates. So, Hallie was dropped from a flying stork on the doorstep that has X coordinates, Now the stork dropped Hallie and flies away, Hallie now on the doorstep and has nothing to do anymore with the stork that dropped her already and gone, after she was dropped she was free to start her life with her father N. Parker until she became 11 years old and starts to wonder about her existence and asking her father about her (source), that means (again) that she was immediately free after dropping her and both the stork and Hallie has nothing to do with each other anymore.
Don’t you see it? Or, did you get it, do you see what is happening here?
This is the leak point in the whole relativity,
If Hallie Parker been dropped on the doorsteps and started her life from that point (as point X on earth), then the whole calculation of relativity has to fall down, But if Hallie Parker was stuck in the stork’s legs, and flies away with the stork, then our physics well fall down.
Now, Or one or the other, And as Annie said in that movie, Take your pick.

Remember that light moves regardless the speed and the direction of the source. That means as soon as light emitted from any object in this universe, then any relationship between that object and the emitted light is evaporated, do not exist at all, and this is what missed the relativity.

What Hallie Parker has to do with relativity? Let us change this to physics, Annie will present our light, stork present the flying object, doorstep present the X coordinate somewhere in the space where Hallie was dropped or (light was emitted).


IF light after emitting moves regardless any relationship with its source (speed or direction) then it well have only one understanding or one explanation, that this happened on an exact moment and exact place somewhere in our universe, in ( a point somewhere), let us say at point X that have some three coordinates in space, and then the source of that light continue flying or moving away, this source well have no more effect or control or power on that (already) emitted light at this point that we called point X.. This well says that a spaceship moves with any speed it doesn’t matter how fast this ship was, and that ship emitted a beam of light during flying in a certain point in the space, in our case point X, then this point has to have a fixed coordinate in the space and has nothing to do with that ship that emitted the light, else we can say that light did follows its source and we have to break physics down, luckily that this do not happen, Now and the light was emitted in a certain moment and at a certain place where it been emitted (this is then point X in space), spaceship continue flying away but light has already a start point X with its fixed coordinates, as we said, after emitting, light has nothing to do with the ship anymore.
( we see light from far away stars, millions of light years away from us, they are not anymore in that place where we saw it, right?, well, that means that light was emitted from that place at a certain time and because of the time that light needed to travel to us we still seeing that star in that place.)
Very good question, where was this light in all these years? Answer well be here but not now.
Now I hope that you understand how much important this X point for us is,


Light emitting happens in a certain time at a certain place


A- Spaceship with speed of 0,5 speed of light emitted a flash when it was at that point X or any other point, all relationship between emitted light and ship has to be vanished / disappeared after emitting that light..
B- Light start to move everywhere from that point (x) with its normal speed C (this is also not 100% true)

Now the question is,

– Since light been already emitted, what has the light and the ship to do with each other after emitting? Nothing, we understood that already.
– Where is then the reference frame between the ship and the emitted light? Since they have nothing to do with each other anymore, Nowhere.
– When the spaceship has to measure speed of the light beam that is totally not in its reference frame, and we know that that light started from point X in space (Since the light is not anymore under effect or control of the ship that emitted that light otherwise the real physics has to break down), how much this well be? I think this well be speed of the ship minus or plus the speed of light, depends on the direction of the ship. If light follows its source, calculation of relativity well be intact and Physics has to break down If light do not follow its source, relativity has to break down and physics stays intact.
( In all calculations about light, you can see that the speed of the moving objects always been add to the speed of light, and this we call (Time dilation)??? ) But how is that possible? Or why?
In relativity light follows the movement of its reference frame, see the following image,

Observer on the reference frame where flash A and flash B, well see both flashes in the same time, Since the distance between the two flashes for that observer is the same and his reference frame is not moving.


Other Stationary or moving observer on another reference frame well see other timing for flash A before flash B and this due to the distance between hem and  the two flashes A and B, and also due to his motion, direction and his speed.


“These two images from University of Pittsburgh trying to explain the Relativity of Simultaneity”

But when the that reference frame with the two flashes moves, and we know that light do not follow the movement of that frame, then also the observer on that frame has to see flash B before flash A, because what we said above, if the two flashes went on at the same time, then this already happened in a certain fixed point and from that point light well start to propagate, that means if the frame moves or not, light already happened in two points and it has to propagates in all direction in the same time at the same speed, Now, Since the frame with the observer are moving, but the light start points are fixed, then also that observer on the moving frame has to see flash B before flash A.


That means, that the two observers well see the flashes in other timing depends on their motion, thus they can never agree on the same speed for that light

If light don’t follow the source this has to happen with the mirrors of the light clocks
  If this happens in other way in relativity,
How did light know which direction its reference frame is moving?, then it can make shorter or longer distance, except if it follows its movement.
In relativity, when two spaceships are moving beside each other with the same speed, they are stationary relative to each other ( they are not moving relative to each other), when one of them shoot a flash of light, this well be (in the same reference frame of the two ships) Which reference frame? If the two ship are moving somewhere beside each other then they are not moving relative to each other okay, But if one of them flashed a light, that light well occur in a certain point in the space, this point well be marked as start point for light, in short, as soon as the flash goes and light emitted, light momentum well be in the past and not in the present relative to both ships (past in time as time and space as a place that is now behind both ships), and each time there is a new flashing it well be (already happened – already emitted) in the past relative to both ships, and in every point light was emitted or it well, these points well never move from its places whatever happened because there the emitting has happened, otherwise, not only physics or our relativity well break, NO, everything well break down……
I hope you understand what I’m saying here.

Because; For the records, If you don’t know, Light is not waves, not photons and not even an electromagnetic waves, even worse there is no such thing, (Electromagnetic waves)….

Wait for the next article if you like, I going to speak about what light really is and how it
Now, Was the little Lindsay Lohan right or wrong? She was 11 years old when she asked her father that question, Now we are 110 years old after relativity, “How long do you expect us to buy that story of miscalculated formulas”.
And to be honest; You know what really confusing is? Almost everything our scientist proven about relativity is right, the problem is, it doesn’t belong to relativity, It has a total other explanations.



This was add on July 25 2016:


As we mentioned above and as we all know, is the that Special Relativity been build on that idea that the light moves regardless of the speed and direction its source,  and also that all observers in all reference frames has to agree on the same speed of the observed light,

I had to add this animation to make it easier for all of you.



When the spaceship at the right side moves with velocity V, and exactly at the point X it well flashes a light, and we know already from Annie Parker that light after emitting has nothing to do with its source, Then this has to happen:


  • Right spaceship has to measure speed of that light as C – V,
  • Left spaceship has to measure that speed  as C + V,
  • Jimmy Wortel  (at the left corner below in the image) is an stationary observer, he has to measure the absolute speed of that light,

 That means that all three observers well get another measured speed for the same light.

We have to pay attention that, also if the two ships having the same speed and although they don’t move relative to each other, they have to have different measurements for the speed of same light.

That means that all calculation of Special Relativity is not good.


Since, General Relativity is build on Special Relativity, Then I’m afraid to say, That the calculation of the General Relativity is also not that good.

I have no further questions your honor.

Copyright on all text and context.

PS: Excuses about misspelling, English is my fourth language, I know nothing about the second or the third ones, also I don’t remember the first one.
Credit photo for the crack in relativity above to Johnson Claes
Credit photo for moving Einstein to John D. Norton
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Thanks a lot.

2 gedachtes over “Annie James vs Einstein

  1. You are right about the “fixed” point of light emission not following the source but you have made the wrong conclusion about the path of a light beam between two mirrors in a light clock. For it to be a light clock the two mirrors have to both be in the same reference frame otherwise the light would indeed miss the moving mirrors. Being in the same frame, the light will behave as if the frame was stationary so the light would go straight up and down. You have illustrated two Mirror frames moving together. When the light leaves one mirror frame it will travel in a straight line downwards if that was it’s starting direction. The second moving mirror frame could miss the light beam altogether if distance and speeds were big enough.
    Your speed calculation is fatally flawed as you are only concerned with velocities. You take no account of the “fixed” point of the spaceships when the light is received and the distance that the spaceships travelled to arrive at this point. It is the light that has travelled a shorter distance to reach ship A and a longer distance to reach ship B. The light has still moved at speed C only different distances.This is basic arithmetic.If I chased after a bus it would take me longer to catch up than if it was still at the bus stop!
    Edward Preston


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